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5 Expensive Items to Buy with Your Tax Refund

5 Expensive Items to Buy with Your Tax Refund |

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It’s that time of the year again when we hopefully(!) get money back after doing taxes. Sure, you can put that money towards any debt, into your savings, house improvements or college school funds, but you can also spend a little on some big ticket items you’ve been eyeing. (Though those first few mentioned proooobably take priority;)

If you want a little inspiration on how you can spend your tax refund, take a look at the stylish suggestions below.

1. A Really Nice Purse

5 Expensive Items to Buy with Your Tax Refund |
Prada Vitello Daino Double Compartment Leather Shoulder Bag, $1,619

This is THE luxurious item that’s price can be hard to stomach when thinking about buying for yourself. But what a great time to spoil yourself if you have the extra dough. Our advice? Don’t go full-on trend. (Though, man we love those bucket bags.) Choose a classic style that will last you a few seasons or years. When you look down at it, you’ll feel a sense of pride that you worked so hard to buy yourself such a luxurious prize.

2. A Really Nice Watch

5 Expensive Items to Buy with Your Tax Refund |
Versace Palazzo Empire Leather Strap Watch, $1,395

Give your Apple Watch a break when you go out for special occasions. A classic black designer watch is a sure way to get some envious double takes when you nonchalantly flash that bling in your office hallway. Can’t handle not knowing how many steps you’re getting in? Opt for a fancy band for your Apple Watch that you can switch out when you’re feeling saucy.

3. A Classic Pair of Everyday Earrings

5 Expensive Items to Buy with Your Tax Refund |
Gucci Double-G Diamond Stud Earrings, $2,050

There is something about having a really nice pair of go-to earrings that you can mindlessly put on when you’re flying out the door. A little bit of bling can go a long way, especially if it’s in the design of a well-known logo or brand. Of course, you could also spring for some amazing statement earrings.

4. Some Really Nice Shoes

5 Expensive Items to Buy with Your Tax Refund |
Chloe Susanna Stud Buckle Bootie, $1,380

This is the time, ladies! Those heels you’ve had your eye on? Those boots that you would normally never buy yourself? If not now, when? Again, don’t go all-out trendy. Invest in a really nice pair that will last – a pair of that will make you feel like Cinderella when you slip your fresh pedicure into them.

5. A Really Nice Little Black Dress (LBD)

5 Expensive Items to Buy with Your Tax Refund |
Victoria Beckam Sheer Yoke Sheath Dress, $1,625

Every woman needs a little black dress a.k.a. LBD in her Carrie Bradshaw dream closet. The kind of dress that inspires people to sing one of our Madonna favorites, “Whooo’s Thaaat Giiiirl?” as you strut by. And you already know what advice we’re going to spill—classic is best. Or you know what? Get weird with a wild one! It’s your dough. It’s your style. Don’t let anyone stifle your sparkle, girl. 

If you’d rather put that money into savings, check out these inexpensive Essentials for Your Spring Wardrobe.

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