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5 Ways to Ease Back Into Business Clothing After Summer Vacation


Summer vacations are finishing up, and you’re heading back into the office – and dreading it. Getting back to the grind doesn’t have to be such a shock. Here are five ways to ease back into your business attire after a break!


1. Go Lighter

Model wearing a loose white blouse and a pale blue pencil skirtTraditional business wear can be dark and heavy. You can ease your transition from beach to office by opting for some lighter clothes, or even just lighter colors. But remember, flip-flops, muscle tees and short shorts are generally not appropriate for office attire.


2. Dress for Your Career

Confident business woman in suit and business man on bikeWhile summer is often filled with high hemlines and sheer fabrics, digging out your power-outfits can help you get your head back in the game – and can help your colleagues take you more seriously too! Consider putting a little extra effort in, and maybe indulge in some fun accessories or shoes. Also, as a general rule of thumb, keep the sunglasses off indoors.


3. Wearing A Shirt? Tuck It In

Stylish man wearing a blue striped shirt, black belt, and suit pantsThe key to pulling off any outfit is attention to detail. It doesn’t matter how traditional your suit is, if your shirt is untucked or wrinkled, you won’t look professional! If you’re trying to sneak some vacation pieces into your nine-to-five wardrobe, be sure to pair them with dressier pieces. If you’re wearing a loose, lightweight top, be sure to have sharp pants and a suit jacket to throw on top.


4. Air Conditioning Exists

Smiling woman wearing a striped sweater and warm wrapped scarfWhat’s the weather like… inside? If you’re in a large building, chances are the air conditioning keeps it pretty cold. Remember that just because it’s warm outside doesn’t mean your office will be! Be sure to pack enough layers to stay comfortable. A wide scarf can also be used as a shawl or a lap blanket. Be sure to also have a professional jacket – important meetings can pop up at any time!


5. Workplaces Vary

Close-up of people wearing different business outfitsDifferent cities, industries, and companies have different expectations on how much you need to dress up. When in doubt, play it safe. You can always check with HR to see if an item meets the dress code. It’s also a good idea to have a basic back-up outfit in your car or at your desk – something as simple as a fresh shirt and a pair of pants can save the day when you spill coffee on yourself!



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