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6 Thrifting Tips and Tricks for National Thrift Shop Day

6 Thrifting Tips and Tricks for National Thrift Shop Day |

Saturday is National Thrift Shop Day! You just never know what you’ll find on a thrifting adventure. But before you head over to your local store, there needs to be a game plan in place to make sure you’re making the most of your time and money. Follow these thrifting tips and you’ll be treasure hunting like a pro in no time.

1. Visit often and during the week

Many thrift stores have set days where new merchandise is put on the shelves, so be sure and find out when your favorite shops are introducing new stuff into the mix. These days are usually during the week, so you can skip the weekend crowds and picked-over aisles AND get a first look at all of the new stuff. 

2. Shop off-season

People tend to donate items by season, so don’t be afraid to shop for tunics and sundresses in September, or sweaters and cardigans in July. Post-holiday is also a great time to score fun seasonal decorations. 

3. Check out home decor first

Those racks and racks of clothing can wait. Home decor is usually much more organized (and usually easier to spot the good stuff), so go ahead and explore those aisles before you dig into the clothing aisles. Same with shoes, jewelry and purses! 

3. Bring your measuring tape 

On the hunt for your next favorite pair of vintage jeans? Measure your current favorites and you may be able to skip the long lines at the fitting rooms. This also works for tops, dresses and even framing and home decor. 

4. Check for quality 

Finding stuff that catches your eye seems like a pretty obvious way to go, but make sure you’re looking for well-made items that will last. Searching for furniture? Keep an eye out for hardwood items instead of veneer (hardwood lasts way longer and will have the same grain all the way through). Browsing shoes? Look for leather or leather-upper shoes. 

5. Check the piece for flaws 

A little wear is to be expected, but make sure the item is in good reusable condition before you buy it. Turn clothing inside out to check for any holes, stains and odors, check books for any missing pages, inspect vinyl records for warping and scratches and don’t forget to plug in any appliances.

6. Bring your own items to donate

Out with the old and in with the new! Check with your local thrift stores to see who takes donations and pay it forward. Depending on your location, thrift stores like Goodwill usually offer a coupon for donating.

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Featured photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

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