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Chokers: They’re Back!

woman wearing a choker necklace

The choker necklace (aka, choker and dog collar) has been with us for centuries and was particularly popular during the Victorian era, as well as in the 90s. The awesome Vanessa Paradise in her “Be My Baby” video, was wearing one and surely looked great.

Most common types of chokers include open collar, gemstone, pendant, tattoo, Gothic, vintage and Victorian. With mutual denominator for all types, being the fact that chokers sit tightly round the neck (hence the name), their shapes and colors vary greatly: from thin and simple ribbons to multi-layered metal pieces decorated with stones.

During the times of French Revolution in late 18th century, women began wearing red ribbons around their necks to commemorate those who were murdered by a blade of ruthless guillotine.

In the second half on 19th century, some women wore nothing but a choker necklace for work; it became quite the uniform of their profession, prostitution that is. They were wearing it together with ballerinas, fashionable ladies and royalty.

The beauty of a choker necklace lies in its original simplicity. It can be worn with anything, besides probably a golf-neck, although even that shouldn’t be ruled out. Any garment, which leaves the space in the base of the neck open, will benefit from this modest yet powerful addition. Some choker necklaces come with added chains, like those adorning the necks of models in Paris fashion weeks.

A choker will elegantly offset any dress, looking absolutely smashing with one-color clothing, complementing it in contrast or sameness: black against a white dress, red with black, or maybe both blue.

Celebs that have worn chokers include Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone and many others. This fashion item is making a big comeback, as is the whole 90s theme, and we shall be seeing a lot of it on the red carpet.

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