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Closet Envy

Closet Envy |

Are you moving into a smaller house and need some tiny closet inspiration? Or are you embarking on the challenge of creating a summer capsule wardrobe? Perhaps you’re just wanting to get more organized? Either way, this collection of Instagrams will give you major closet goals. They’re tidy, colorful and stuffed with gorgeous goodies. So sit down, relax and pour yourself a glass of Rosé or La Croix. It’s time to get whisked away with a major case of closet envy.

The Queen.

That pink chair.

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The Chanel, the shoes, the pom, the everything.

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A minimalist’s dream.

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Remember this the next time you clean out your closet.

A tidy desk too? Swoon.

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Cute enough to be a boutique.

Pretty in pink.

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No closet? No problem. Build and customize your own.

Vintage bottles and white beams for the win.

More like wallpaper envy.

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Organized Virgos take note.

Every. Day.

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