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Fashion Resolutions For 2017

colorful clothes organized and hanging in wardrobe

It’s a new year, and everyone makes the obvious resolutions… but what about your style? Is it time to make a Fashion Resolution? There’s no need to do a complete overhaul, but here are a few Fashion Resolutions that you can make in 2017 to not only make you look better, but to maintain the quality of your clothing and the impact they have on the environment!

Clothing to Match Your Body Type

One thing you can do to enhance your style is to choose clothing that accentuates your specific body type. Often people end up purchasing items simply because they like how the item looks on the rack, yet they don’t consider whether it suits their body type or not. Next time you’re out shopping, grab a few items that you would never consider, and also ask the sales person for recommendations that would suit your body type and size. I think you’ll be surprised at the different styles you end up choosing that you would normally pass by. Read: How to Dress for Your Body Type.

Buy Convertible Pieces

When buying new pieces for your wardrobe, consider purchasing basic and convertible ‘capsule wardrobe’ items, i.e. staple pieces in coordinating colors that can be easily mixed and matched, eliminating the need for a ton of clothes. Think, the little black dress that can be dressed up with pearls and high heels, or dressed down with a jacket, scarf and flats.

Norma Kamali Dress

Other great convertible pieces are items like: a pencil skirt, a white blouse, a black flowy tank top, and a great pair of dark wash blue jeans. These items are ideal because you can pair them with just about anything to help maximize usage.

Read the Care Instructions

How many times have you actually read the care instructions on the label of your clothing? Wash in cold water, hang to dry, lay flat to dry, dry clean only, wash with like items – they’re there for a reason and it’s time to start following them. In doing so, you can extend the life and quality of your clothes, which in turn saves you money and keeps your style looking fresh!

Buy Local

Help support the local economy and buy from local clothing designers. Whether it’s within your State/Province or within your country, it all helps! Your local purchase will help secure jobs, reduces the carbon footprint of getting the product to you, and it gives a feeling of patronage that makes you feel good about what you’re wearing.

Store Clothes Properly

Knowing how to properly store your clothes can go a long way in extending their lifespan and preventing them from deteriorating over time. For instance, instead of hanging your sweaters, fold them and put them in a drawer to prevent the fabric from stretching and leaving hanger marks in the shoulders.


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By taking the above steps, you can take your Fashion Resolution to the next level by not only looking good, but feeling good about where you purchase your clothes, taking care of your clothes and keeping more money in your pocketbook!

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