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Have A Blast With These 4th of July Fashion Ideas

Girl in white cover up with an American Flag in the air

Fourth of July weekend is just around the corner. It’s hard to ignore all the new fashion buzz for men and women this season, especially with the fashion shows going on. It’s typical to see red, white, and blue colors and stripes on almost every piece of warm-weathered garments, but often times, that can be dull, boring, and cliché. Blue and black (or red and white) checkered patterns are what’s in — so if you wish to be the talk of the party, keep reading!

The three most popular occasions you’re bound to encounter around the fourth are rooftop parties, BBQ’s and a day at the beach. We all want to dress for the occasion and make a good impression in our circle of friends, no matter where we go, so being fashionable is a must.

Fashion for the Fourth of July Rooftop Party

The Fourth of July rooftop party is highly popular in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. These rooftop parties are the perfect place to show off your new chic outfit. It’s not uncommon that you may be attending a few parties, so be prepared to show off your style.

blue dress woman

If you’re feeling casual, try going with a long floral dress or blouse with a long floral skirt. As long as it’s loose fitting, it will pair nicely with wedge sandals and a fashionable box bag. Complete your ensemble with red or blue accessories. A nice ring with a beaded neckless will do the trick.

Fashion for the Fourth of July BBQ

At the Fourth of July BBQ party, you must be prepared to walk in grassy areas (like a backyard or park) which can be a challenge with the wrong shoes. For a chic style, pick out a pair of red, white, or blue denim shorts. The shorts will go well with a fashionable shirt and some stylish shades.

woman in red strip shirt with denim jeans

Keep in mind, you will enjoy a few cocktails so you don’t want to leave your purse behind. A cross body purse will work well for this occasion. Complete this ensemble with bold accessories will certainly make your outfit stand out.

Fashion for the Fourth of July Day at the Beach

A day at the beach during Fourth of July festivities is bound to be full of people making audacious fashion statements. With the renowned romper rage making a comeback, beaches will be full of fashionable women, and men! These rompers come in lots of solid colors as well as checkered patterns.

There will be lots of women wearing wide brim hats with a pair of espadrilles. This is an opportunity for you to stand out with something different like Fourth of July themed bandannas or unique hair-dos. Wear a romper or floral dress over your bathing suit to adjust for the occasion comfortably.

Make this Fourth of July a fun and fashionable weekend. If you have more than one gathering to attend, be sure to pick out outfits that best fit the occasion. Ladies, either you can play it safe with a wide brim hat and a pair of espadrilles or you can create a spectacle and show up in a customized romper.

Feeling inspired? If you aren’t sure what to wear to the celebration, head over to The-E-Tailer and take a quick glance at our look-book categories — We’re sure you will find something good in there!

Happy 4th of July!

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