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Gifts For the Dapper Dad

whisky in glass and ice on the background of wooden barrels

Your Dad has worked hard all his life, provided for you, sent you on your way and now he’s probably close to retirement or already starting to enjoy his retired years. He’s spent his life buying the essentials, so why not surprise him with something this year that he doesn’t necessarily ‘need’.

Whiskey Set

Your Dad will feel like he just got off the set of Mad Men with a whiskey set that includes a decanter and whiskey glasses! After a long day, he can have a glass in his leather chair by the fireplace and put up his feet. To round out the gift, include a quart of whiskey and some whiskey stones!

Ugg Slippers

Splurge and get your Dad a pair of man slippers he can proudly wear around the house! Not only will it keep him stylish while he’s milling about in his PJs, UGG slippers are the ultimate in comfort.

A Round of Golf

Get Dad out of the house and buy him a round of golf. Better yet,  join him on the course and spend the day with him! Looking for a little extra to add to the gift? Help out his game and buy some high quality golf balls to go with your gift certificate to the course.

Lobster Dinner

Or T-Bone Steak, or whatever his favorite meal is that he only treats himself to once in a blue  moon! Make it a whole kit by including the lobster bib and seafood cracker, or steak spices and a good quality set of steak knives.  If you really want to spoil him, buy him both lobster and steak so he can have Surf ‘n’ Turf and really indulge!

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