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Midi Rings: Try One (Or Three) On For Size!

girl's hands wearing midi-rings covering statue's eyes

Typically worn between the tip of your finger and your first knuckle,  Midi rings are now becoming more mainstream and can be seen gracing the fingers of celebrities and models everywhere. Midi rings are popping up at retailers all over, and can be found at places like Saks Fifth Avenue and Ross + Simons,  among others. They are smaller in circumference than normal rings, often dainty, and have an allure and elegance that make them desirable.  The beauty of the rings, is that you can wear them different ways depending on your desired look.

How can midi rings be worn?

  • Wear one alone for simplicity
  • Stack them to heighten the impact, by putting similar rings together
  • Have fun with the rings and wear one on nearly every finger to achieve a line effect running across your fingers
  • Mix the metals (gold, silver, and rose) or add a midi ring with a colored stone to draw attention to your hand
  • If it’s a unique shape, flip it around the opposite way to give it a different look the next day
  • Pair them with chunky rings to depict more of an edgy look

When it comes to midi rings, the style options are limitless. The key to remember, is to create a balance to avoid giving your hands an overwhelming look.  Whichever way you choose to wear them, there is no better way to make a fashion statement this season than pairing some stack-able midi rings with your favorite outfit.

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