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Mis-Matched Earrings: So Wrong, Yet So Right

image of pretty female looking in mirror and putting on mis-matched earrings

For most people, they work hard to make sure they have both of their earrings. They keep all pairs neatly tucked away in a nice jewelry box or other place of safe keeping. But, what happens when one of those earrings accidentally goes missing? It used to be that you went into a full-blown panic trying to figure out what happened to it. That was the end of that pair of earrings! After all, you can’t wear just one of them, can you? Well, now you can with the mis-matched earring trend going on in the world of fashion today!

The runways of Proenza Schouler, Simone Rocha and Loewe are all abuzz with this mis-matched earring trend, thus proving that it has never been as chic as it is right now to wear mis-matched earrings. It used to be that it looked like you got dressed in the dark when you appeared wearing two different earrings, but that isn’t the case today. It’s hot, stylish, sophisticated and all the rage. When done correctly, it gives off the perfect vibe and draws attention to your hot new look.

Try pairing a stud with a rose drop earring to create sculpture and tone. Add in some spice with a spiked earring and hoops. Mix different metals with a hook silver drop earring and a white gold dangler to give off an amazing sheen. With so many different possibilities out there, how can you possibly go wrong in trying to find the perfect combination?

Losing an earring used to be a disaster, but now you can join in on the hottest trend this year with your mis-matched earrings. Mix and match the different earrings you have in your collection to create an assortment of different styles and stay on top of the fashion scene. What used to seem so wrong is now suddenly so right. You might as well jump in on the action and start pairing your hoops with your studs now to create a look that your friends will envy! Step into the new chic with your mis-matched earrings.

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