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Put down the phone: The Ringly Collection

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Ringly created a smart and straightforward solution for the woman who wants to stay in control without worrying about missing out on important messages or calls because their phone is beyond their reach. Ringly has made statements with its wearable technology, having been acclaimed as the leader in smart jewelry options. The accessory offers a clear demonstration of how fashion can meet technology to bring absolute convenience. The product has provided a practical solution for women who are always missing out on important calls when their phones are hidden in their purses during work hours, dinners, or other social events where the phone is tucked away.

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How does it work?
Ringly offers high-tech rings that are connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth, to alert you on important notifications so that you don’t miss out on what matters most. Ringly has kept it simple with an easy setup process that requires you to download the Ringly app. You then set custom light colors and vibration patterns for the different notifications you would like to receive, be it calls, texts, emails, social media updates or reminders from important apps. It allows you to choose the specific people, messages and notifications you want to stay connected to throughout the day. If you are having a busy day, adding priority calls to a list will ensure you are not distracted while at work, as you then only answer to what is important.

The ring will flash and buzz in a subtle way to alert you when a notification comes through. Ringly users are at liberty to choose among four different vibration patterns and five different colors for the lighting. You can also choose a pattern that lets you know when you stray away from your phone. Also, thanks to the cute ring box that also serves as the charging station, powering the device is pure bliss.

Ringly Bracelets
Just like the smart rings, Ringly bracelets also connect to the user’s phone using Bluetooth. The current collection that is set to be released this summer has additional features like being able to track the user’s steps and offers compatibility with more than 100 apps.

Fashionable jewelry
These smart rings are gaining a substantial following from women internationally because of their subtle designs and distinct fashionable sense. The bangle collection features a sleek gold plating that is available in four different hand-cut semi-precious stones. Besides being a gadget, they pass for stylish jewelry pieces that you can add to your collection and wear for any occasion. They also lack a screen, making it a discreet and fashionable alternative for users that don’t want to be staring at screens or for those who want to wear the accessory with additional pieces of jewelry. Ringly has found a way to integrate useful technology in an accessory that any woman can wear. Both collections come in a beautifully designed box that will make you fall in love from the moment you receive the package.

The Ringly rings are ideal for anyone who is tired of missing important calls and notifications on their phones or tablets. Most women do not like the fact that they have to keep their phone out, in order to stay on top of their VIP calls and emails. Christina Mercando, the Ringly co-founder and CEO advises that the ring is an ideal smart accessory for every professional who needs a handle on important notifications.

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