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Single, Ladies? 10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Give Yourself!

single valentines day woman holding red heart balloon

Valentine’s Day… a reminder of being single for many, but it doesn’t have to be! You don’t need to be coupled up to enjoy delicious chocolate or lavish yourself with gifts – you can do that all on your own (and what better than a good excuse to do so!). Below are 10 perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to give to yourself this year!

1. Rose Gold X and O Stud Earrings

Nothing says ‘I love me’ like a pair of ‘X and O’ earrings! The cubic zirconia earrings come in a rose gold flashed sterling silver and can be worn casually or dressed up!

 2. Barefoot Cellars California Wine Sampler

How about a little wine tasting? Invite 6 of your single girly friends over and have each one of them make a snack to pair with one of the six wines – It’ll be like a wine tasting potluck! Spend the evening swirling your glass, sniffing the aromatic notes, sipping on vino and eating snacks that pair perfectly with each glass – what a wonderful night!

3. Boyfriend Pillow

Enjoy your independence but miss having a night-time cuddle buddy? Now you don’t have to sleep solo with this Boyfriend Pillow by Deluxe Comfort! Enjoy man cuddles without the drooling, snoring, sweating and tossing around!

4. Laura Mercier Limited Edition Sweet Temptations Crème Brûlée Duet

Give yourself the gift of relaxation with this luxurious Crème Brûlée Souffle body creme and Crème Brûlée Honey Bath – it even comes with a little wooden honey dipper to drizzle your Honey Bath into the tub under the running water. Bath time will smell like pure bliss!

5. TeeMixed ‘Fries Before Guys’ TShirt

Who needs ’em!? Show the world you don’t need a man with this funny t-shirt from TeeMixed. Great for working out or getting a good laugh at your next social event!

6. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp and Candle Holder Combo

Set the mood and cleanse the air with a Natural Himalayan Salt lamp and Candle Holders. This natural stress reliever also increases energy and rejuvenates the body. Perfect for a relaxing evening at home!

7. The Woodhouse Day Spa

Hoping to get out of the house on Valentine’s day? Treat yourself to a well deserved spa day at The Woodhouse Day Spa! Download the app to view the services and book your treatment for ‘me’ day.

8. Chanel Levres Scintillantes 192 FLEUR D’EAU

There’s nothing better than getting a new lip gloss. Treat yourself on Valentine’s day to creamy, non-sticky, moisturized red lips that will stay supple for 8 hours straight!

9. Wine & Paint Night At Home

Solo or with a Friend, this is a perfect self-gift for Valentine’s day! This kit includes everything you need for your own paint night at home: wine glasses & coasters, art supplies and ‘paint by numbers’ canvas boards!

10. Solstice Tea Traders Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

For the tea lover, there’s nothing better than adding a new bag of loose tea to your collection – how about 12 new teas to choose from? This sampler has a selection of Solstice Tea Traders’ most popular teas: Masala Chai, Peach Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea, Rooibos, Red Fruit Hibiscus, Sencha Green Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Blue Hibiscus, Limonello Herbal, Earl Grey, and Mirik Darjeeling. Each tea comes in it’s own reusable metal tea tin and you’ll have enough tea to bring you joy for months!

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