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Oh No, We Found Too Many Super Cute Face Masks and Now We Want All of Them


Disclosure: The face masks below contain affiliate links, which means we’ll receive a commission if you click on a link. We hope you like our picks — click the titles to shop!

When we first set out to find face masks for this blog post, we thought, “Hmm will we find enough cute face masks?” Cue the maniacal laughter because boy did we find some super cute face masks. Tie-dye masks! Silk masks! Embellished floral masks! More floral masks! Listen, we’re going to be wearing face masks for a while so we might as well invest in some pretty ones and have some fun. Maybe you can find some chic woven bags to go with your new masks? I don’t know. Just a wild thought!

1.  Embellished Pastel Face Masks, Set of 3 | Bloomingdale’s, $40

It’s impossible to pick a favorite out of these three masks but luckily they come in a pack! They’re just Pretty with a capital P.

2. Covered Up Red Multi Tie-Dye Face Mask Set 2 Pack | Lulus, $18

Tie-dye is trending and we are not mad about it.

3. Stay Covered Multi Floral Print Face Mask Set 4 Pack | Lulus, $30

These floral masks are just so cute. They look like the perfect masks for all your casual quick trips to the store, laundromat, coffee shops or you name it.

4. Leopard Face Covering | Shopbop, $35

Wouldn’t this look perfect on your Instagram? It would. Trust us.

5. Peace Adult Reversible Silk Face Mask | Nordstrom, $38

This silk face mask is reversible. We repeat: this silk face mask is reversible. Silk. Reversible. Sold.

6. It’s A Jungle Out There Face Mask | ModCloth, $22

This mask has a little bit of florals, a little bit of animal print, a little bit of ruffles and a lot of fun. The perfect mix of patterns.

7. Vote Face Masks, Set of 2 | Bloomingdale’s, $18

In case you or anyone you see needs a reminder to exercise your right to vote this year…

8. Pastel Tie Dye Face Coverings | Shopbop, $28

The tie-dye! The beads! Did someone hire our 9-year-old past-selves to design these masks at summer camp? You gotta love a fun mask like this.

9. Salty Seaside Face Mask | ModCloth, $28

We all need more ruffles in our lives. So let’s just start here with this mask.

10. Prowling Ocelot Face Mask | Bloomingdale’s, $12

This mask would look a-may-zing with an all-black outfit. Can you see it? Yeah, you can see it.

11. Assorted 3-Pack Adult Face Masks | Nordstrom, $30

Don’t these masks seem perfect for a socially-distanced trip to the beach?

12. Blue Bamba Face Covering | Shopbop, $20

A Sunday stroll through the neighborhood would be the perfect time to wear this very pretty number.

13.  5-Pack Tie Dye Face Masks | Nordstrom, $30

These tie-dye cuties are perfect for a trip to the grocery store or maybe a jog around the park. Plus they have the three C’s: Cute, Casual, Colorful.

14. Floral Face Masks, Set of 3 | Bloomingdale’s, $38

We love these bold masks with pops of color. They seem perfect for a night out of grabbing takeout at your fave restaurant.

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