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The Double Pearl Cuff Bracelet

double pearl cuff bracelt

Double pearl cuff bracelets are so on-trend right now. Must be the bigger overall trend of cuff bracelets combined with bright, shiny pearls to add classic styling to any outfit. The bracelet is comprised of a gold, round wire flanked by two pearls on each end for an open-ended enclosure. This composition has been used for necklaces, rings and even double pearl cuff earrings that have been seen on everyone from Rihanna to Anne Hathaway, and even Emma Watson. Just that shortlist of double pearl cuff fans should prove to you one certain thing: that this piece of jewelry is for everyone, no matter your personal style.

The look on its own is elegant when worn with a simple dress or suit jacket, but the double cuff bracelet is way more versatile than that. Dress up a casual pairing of jeans and a blouse for a luxe bohemian look, and add some leather accessories to glam that look up even further. It’s fun and versatile and the cuff can be easily adjusted to fit any wrist, simply by easing the gold wire and enclosure to be positioned slightly more open or closed.

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You will likely find variations in the type of pearls used (mammoth pearl variety, or pearls in black or grey) and the style of the wire (hammered out for a rustic look, or it may be several wires twisted or braided for an intricate look) so you can really shop for the double pearl cuff that really fits your personal style, not to mention your budget. Pick up your own double pearl cuff bracelet at stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, or a more inexpensive version at Ross or Simons or Baublebar. Custom-made versions can be found from various designers on sites, like Etsy and Polyvore.

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