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The Monokini

long legged young african american woman wearing pink monokini swimsuit sitting on bamboo mat sun tanning with head back and eyes closed. sun hat and sunglasses nearby.

The awesome Monokini is making a huge comeback. It is worth mentioning that its controversial design in 1964 was a symbol of sexual revolution where its creator protested against the oppressiveness of common social norms.

Produced to bring “freedom-in fashion as well as every other facet of life,” as Gernreich the designer stated, it had more meaning to him as a thought, an idea. He didn’t actually think it will be mass produced, let alone hugely popular. Gernreich had also predicted that within a few years women will be sunbathing topless and it will be perceived as perfectly natural. Monokinis designer was wrong both times. His suit, however, took the world by storm.

This summer, the one-piece bathing suit can be seen on all of the world’s beaches. It is said to create the most handsome tan-lines. Calling it sexy wouldn’t be enough. Celebrities like Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Kelly Bensimon, Paris Hilton and many others obviously think so too.

The world chooses Monikini for various reasons. This bathing suit complements the figure; it reveals enough to allow you to hide the rest. It lets the woman feel summery yet safe in her own skin. It is perfect for running, playing volleyball, swimming in wild waves and sunbathing. The multiple varieties of cutouts available tease the imagination, and you can create a new tan-line each time. Expect the unexpected, so to say.

Many retailers embrace the new old fashion. As Monokinis are making a huge comeback, a lot of places sell them. You can find them on Saks Fifth Avenue as well as Pesca Boutique, Azaleas, Monif C and Jerrie Shop, which all specialize in swimwear and offer gorgeous one-pieces.

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