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The Varsity Jacket

guy wearing a varsity jacket and holding a football

Think back to when you were in high school. Remember how much you wanted to have your own varsity jacket and how cool they looked? If you had a varsity jacket, you were part of the cool crowd. While many men can’t live without their varsity jacket when they are in school, that jacket quickly takes a back seat after graduating and going to college. What was once something you couldn’t live without becomes just another item in your closet. Well, all of that is changing.

More and more men today are purchasing varsity jackets resembling the ones they used to wear years ago. Major brands like Marc Jacobs and Levi’s are popping up with their own spin on these stunning jackets. Many of the major retail stores today have some form of varsity jacket for sale, each with their own unique spin on the time-honored classic jacket that captivated so many years ago. Depending on where you go to purchase the jacket, the styles and prices will vary accordingly.

While Levi’s carries an assortment of different men’s jackets, one of the more popular ones tends to be their NFL line. What man doesn’t have a favorite football team? Now, you can don your favorite team jacket with a pair of your favorite jeans and head out to a ball game. Not only are you going to look amazing, but the varsity jackets are extremely comfortable as well.

The Marc Jacobs varsity jacket collection is reminiscent of days long gone. Choose from a vibrant blue or racing red to help add style and class to your ensemble. While these jackets are designed with men in mind, women will love wearing one of these varsity jackets as well. Women can throw on a varsity jacket over a stunning white shirt and pair it with a pair of high heels and some skinny jeans to bring the whole look together.

Regardless of how young or old you are, you need to look into adding a varsity jacket to your wardrobe. This timeless classic is making a comeback for good reason. Find yours today at

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