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Trending Hairstyle: Soft Waves

fashion outdoor photo of beautiful woman with dark wavy hair, in elegant clothes with bijou, posing on summer beach

Soft waves still prove to be one of the most trending hairstyles today! The style achieves a ‘put together’ look, yet it can be worn casually or when dressing up, and can be seen in all hair lengths.

Most people go with a medium wave, as it seems to suit all hair types. Different hair lengths may use different styling tools to get the desired effect, but the most preferred soft wave hair styling tools are:

How do you get the look?

  • Apply products – It is advisable to use hair cream and serum, and apply two-thirds of your hair from the bottom up. Make sure you have used enough to cover the ends. Be careful not to apply too much or it will make it greasy. Avoid gel or mousse as it will make a stiffer wave.
  • large barrel curler or curling wand – Great for all hair lengths. This process takes roughly five to ten minutes. Break your hair into large sections, wrap the section of hair around the curling barrel or wand and hold in place for 7 seconds. Run fingers through curl to loosen it up and lightly spritz with hair spray to hold the curl.
  • Loose bun method – This works great with long hair. Make sure to wash your hair first before bed, then let it air dry halfway before starting the process. Wrap your hair on top of your head into a loose bun and secure with a bobbi pin or hair clip. Shake the bun out in the morning, then run your fingers through your hair and spray to hold the waves in place.

Celebs love this hairstyle – It seems just about everyone is rocking the soft wave look, whether on the red carpet or just going about their business. A few celebs of note are: 

  • Kim Kardashian West
  • Kerry Washington
  • Jessica Alba
  • Julia Roberts

 Try the look out today! The-E-Tailer has all the products you need to make it happen!

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