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White Jeans Trending for Men in 2016

man from the waist down wearing white jeans

This summer the forecast for men’s jeans is white. White jeans tie in perfectly with the neutral colors of the season, and is a great substitute to the basic chino. There are many brands offing this latest style, including:  Bogner Jeans, J. Crew, Asos Skinny Jeans, Acne Studios Ace Slim- Fit Stretch Jeans and He by Mango Slim- Fit Jan Jeans.

When you add white jeans into your rotation, you get a fail- safe option for rocking a double- jeans look without distressing over blue melting into one another or shades of black burning you up in the height of summer. Besides, it will boost that tan you’re trying to get!

You don’t have to be afraid of tackling this style. White jeans can fill some men with a lot of fear, especially since it’s the season of barbecues and sitting in the grass. You can still pull off the look with a jacket if you are a bit nervous about the stain factor.

Another good way of pulling off this trendy look is by blocking up. Try wearing the jeans with your favorite dark shade- navy blue- for a fashionable natural look. A major advantage of blocking is that it will draw the eye upwards. Hence, if the legs are on the shorter, stockier side, it will help in elongating your frame, making you look taller.

Going monochrome has been seen on a few well known celebrities the last few months, like Justin Timberlake in his new ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ video. You can still go all- white without overthinking it. This is a superb outfit during summer if everything is clearly defined and still clean off the rack. You can wear your white jeans with a plain white collarless shirt or crew neck tee, and a pair of classy minimal white trainers for a fresh outfit.

You can also smarten up your casual wear to play off a more elegant look. The jeans can be upgraded by easily adding a linen blazer and a cool blue or red chambray shirt.

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