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Woman-Owned Businesses To Shop For Women’s Equality Day

Woman-Owned Businesses To Shop For Women’s Equality Day |

Happy Women’s Equality Day! In celebration of this important day, we’re bringing attention to a few of our favorite women-owned businesses! Keep scrolling for technicolor pieces, graphic patterns, custom furniture and more — all by creative, cool and majorly inspiring women.

1. Dusen Dusen

Can’t get enough bold, original prints? You’ll love Dusen Dusen. Designer Ellen Van Dusen launched Dusen Dusen in 2010 and has since expanded with the launch of Dusen Dusen Home. Turns out, our homes need these gorgeous patterns just as much as our closets!

2. Otherland

After earning her MBA, Abigail Cook Stone hatched the idea for Otherland, and our homes have never been the same. Searching for candles that double as decor? You’ll love these colorfully fragrant candles — you just may not be able to pick a single favorite.

3. Daughter Of The Land

Founded in 2017 by Ashley Spierer, Daughter of the Land was created with intention and purpose. Sourcing strictly organic and fair-trade food-grade ingredients, using eco-friendly packaging and employing ethical business practices are the cornerstones of the business. So, you can look *and* feel good when you use these products.

4. Maude

As a married 30-something standing in the drug store, Maude founder Éva Goicochea finally said enough. She then formed Maude, a modern sexual wellness company built on quality, simplicity and inclusivity. With wipes, oils, candles, toys and more, there’s something for everyone.

5. Angel Oloshove

If you’re ready to add some serious cheer to your shelves, look no further than Angel Oloshove. Her colorful pieces are sure to brighten up any space!

6. The Honey Pot

Ever look at the ingredients in feminine care products? It’s… overwhelming. That’s why Beatrice Dixon founded The Honey Pot Company, a natural feminine care company that focuses on natural washes, wipes, tampons, panty sprays, pads, lubricants and other herbal products.

7. The Lip Bar

After being frustrated with the chemical-filled beauty industry, Melissa Butler founded The Lip Bar with inclusive ideals. Each product is vegan and cruelty free and so, so good.

8. The Inside

If you can’t resist a good patterned headboard or accent chair, you’re going to FLIP over The Inside’s offerings. Britt Bunn and Christiane Lemieux set out with a vision for affordable custom furniture and made it happen! With free shipping and a three-week lead time(!), you can score a custom piece without breaking the bank.

Sad about that postponed vacation? Good news — you can still shop for it! Check out these chic woven bags that will (almost) feel like a trip to the beach!

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