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Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

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Cookies. Drinks. Cheese. So. Much. Cheese. Go a little overboard over the holiday season? No sweat, we did too and #sorrynotsorry! Get yourself back into your skinny jeans by getting into some workout wear that will get you fired up to burn some calories. Check out some of our favorite pieces by the kings and queens of cute workout wear—Lululemon.

1. Like Nothing Bra, $68

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

First things first. Start with the basics. This sports bra offers support without lacking in comfort and style.

2. Timeless Classic Tank, $44

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

This is another staple to add to your closet. Pick it up in a few colors—white, black and a cool purple-y hue, antique bark.

3. Vinyasa Scarf, $48

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

Pretty sure we’re going to end up wearing this scarf more than just to yoga class. It’s perfect for on the way to the gym, in your always-cold office, at the movies or a night of Dry January mocktails with the girls.

4. Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece, $118

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

This cute hoodie screams, “I AM SO COMFORTABLE!” Zip it up to keep you warm on the way to your pilates class.

5. Women’s TechLoom Phantom Shoe, $165

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

What laces? These clever trainers keep your laces out of sight and er, out of tripping danger. They’re lightweight and come in a range of colors like faint coral (shown), midnight, fatigue, metallic silver and black & white.

6. Define Pullover, $98

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

This lightweight pullover offers cute protection from some not-so-cute sweat and odor.

7. Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew, $78

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

Baby it’s cold outside… so pull on this long-sleeve tee that will keep you comfortable in freezing temps and stink-free thanks to its Silverscent technology that karate chops odor-causing bacteria.

8. Align Jogger, $98

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

These joggers are another piece of workout wear that we’ll be wearing outside of the gym just as much as inside. They’re super comfortable and stylish, perfect for a sweat session at the gym or a snooze session on your next flight.

9. Everywhere Belt Bag, $38

Your 2019 Workout Wardrobe |

Hold. The. Phone. How cute is this handy bag? It’s small though has plenty of space to literally hold your phone, license, keys—whatever else you want to keep out of your hands on a walk or run. It comes in 4 different colors—Peach Gold (as shown), shiny black, silver and chrome. Fancy.

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